Google AdWords Tuneup

Do you have an existing Google AdWords campaign 
that is NOT Converting Well?

Feel like you are spending LOTS of Money...
but not Getting Much in Return? 

Google AdWords for private practice

an AdWords Tuneup may be Just the Thing You Need
to turn those Clicks into Referrals...and to Pay Less for Each Click.

Here's a 3 Minute Video Where Joe Bavonese, PhD
Describes how the AdWords Tuneup Process Works:

Let's face it, Google AdWords is a very complex system with a very steep learning curve. It's easy to lose money if you don't have a high degree of expertise with it. If you do know all the secrets of using it, it can unleash a steady stream of referrals for your practice. Google continues to release new features every few months, and you have a huge competitive advantage if you can take full advantage of the latest updates to AdWords.

Let Joe Bavonese, PhD review your campaign in detail, exploring your:

  • Campaign Settings
  • Ad Groups
  • keyword list, positive and negative
  • keyword matching options
  • bidding strategy
  • ad copy
  • Ad Extensions
  • network settings
  • location settings
  • ad schedule
  • mobile vs desktop performance
  • callouts
  • structured snippets
  • ad locations
  • ability to generate direct phone calls from your ads
  • ability to track Conversions from AdWords
  • Landing Pages
  • and much more.

After Joe reviews your campaign, you and Joe will talk together in a 60 minute phone consultation to review his findings and recommendations. Nothing will be updated or changed without your permission - and your understanding of the consequences of the changes.

Joe will supply a written report of his recommendations for you to implement. If you want help in the implementation of the recommendations, that is available as well.

Joe has been successfully using AdWords in his own therapy practice since 2003, and helping others create successful campaigns since 2006. AdWords was the main reason Joe has been able to expand his practice from a small practice with 3 clinicians to a large group practice with 28 clinicians and 3 offices getting an average of 140 new clients every month - with 90 of those coming from Internet sources.

NOTE: this service is for existing campaigns only. For help in developing a new campaign from start, CLICK HERE

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Google AdWords Tuneup