Marketing in Action:
Steve Jobs and Apple Launch the iPad

In April, 2010 Apple Launched the iPad. When it first came out, it was heavily criticized for everything such as having a bad name, not having a camera, just being a large iPhone, having no USB ports, and not serving any purpose. These criticisms now seem silly in retrospect given the remarkable success of the iPad in creating an entirely new computing platform - but they highlight the enormous risk Apple took in bringing the iPad to market.  They did not do a Focus Group or survey to find out that people wanted a tablet.  Many tablets before the iPad had failed miserably (as have most of the copy-cats since the release of the original iPad). 

We made this short video just after the iPad came out, not knowing if it would be successful. How Apple and Steve Jobs promoted it - and how they promote all of their products - reveals some very important lessons for marketing a private practice, including one key lesson that most people forgot about Steve Jobs' career:

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