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In our ongoing commitment to mentor psychotherapists in how to grow and strengthen your practices, we have doubled our commitment to help you identify what stands in your way. We are dedicated to helping YOU just as we’ve helped thousands of other psychotherapists to improve their practices.

In this FREE Practice Analysis we’ll give you specific feedback on the strengths and challenges in your current practice situation, and specific recommendations for growth toward your business goals.

Every therapy practice has strengths – things you’re already really good or even great at doing – and things that need attention and improvement. Some of those needs for attention are already known to you but you may not know the best ways of solving those challenges. (We do.) Others are literally unknown to you or what we call blind spots – the “don’t know what you don’t know” realm of business growth.

Our PROMISE is to help you gain insights in solving business growth challenges already known to you – and to reveal some of your blind spots that are currently hidden from view.


Basically, we ask the right questions, just like you do as a therapist – to get to the root causes and conditions that produce business stagnation. A Practice Analysis is not unlike an initial therapy session you do with a new client you are meeting for the first time. In a new client meeting, you have to learn some of the basics of what brought them into your office. What’s been happening, or not happening, that has them reaching out for help? What’s working really well? What’s obviously in disrepair? What are their opportunities, and what skills do they have to rise above the things that stand in their way? What shifts or changes could they employ to begin gaining ground in the areas that have been stopping them? Etc.

So in a way, we are really Business Therapists, too --  meaning we analyze the business of your practice objectively and logically while looking for the keys that will compel your business forward toward your goals. Does that analogy make sense to you? I hope so, because it makes a lot of sense to us and to the many therapists who’ve allowed us to help them in this way.

So basically, we’re going to put your business on the couch, so to speak. And you’re our co-therapist with lots of data about the client – your business – and will be assisting us in assessing root causes of current conditions, then overlaying them with your own goals for your business. In that way, your own skill as an analyst is extremely valuable in this process. By separating yourself from your business and studying the situation objectively – sometimes much harder to do on your own, we realize – you can be logical and studious about first simply understanding what’s at play.

As a therapist, you know well that the first step in solving any challenge is in fully understanding it. And that’s a lot of what this Practice Analysis is about. THEN, the fun part: solutions.

Usually, by the end of your Practice Analysis, we’re clear on the major challenges/obstacles/opportunities your business is facing and know what to suggest you must do to address them effectively for optimal results. And if that’s not the case, we’ll schedule Part 2 and get back together to complete the conversation and leave you with a set of action steps you can take, starting immediately, to begin growing your practice faster, smarter and easier.

Please bear in mind something you may already know but which bears repeating: Since 2004, Uncommon Practices has been helping mental health professionals with private practice marketing and growth. We know what you’re going through because we’ve been through it. If you're like us - like most clinicians - you learned little or nothing about business or marketing in graduate school.  In contrast to the confidence you probably feel about your clinical skills, you may feel inadequate or uncomfortable in knowing what to do or how to proceed in promoting, marketing and growing your practice.  We learned - the long, hard, expensive way - what it takes to create a very successful private practice and we’re willing to share what we’ve learned with you.

In addition to running psychotherapy practices in the top 1% of all practices in the United States, we have been coaching psychotherapists in private practice for over a decade and have experienced virtually every practice situation you may be dealing with as well as everything on the road before you. And we’d like to help cut down your learning curve if you’ll let us help you.

Here's unsolicited feedback we received from someone who recently did a Practice Analysis:

Thank you for the free phone consult with Patrick VanDecar.  I had read about your products online, but it helped to hear Patrick describe them.  He listened patiently to my concerns, asked good questions, gave good answers, and was friendly and down-to-earth, yet professional.  That is what I'm looking for for my practice: ways to communicate accessibility and warmth, BUT ALSO a sense of value and unapologetic confidence in what I offer as a therapist.

To get started on your Practice Analysis, just click on the link below and fill out the brief Practice Building Questionnaire:

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