Creation of Videos and Articles with Online Distribution

Online videos have become a powerful marketing medium of late, and now have more viewing time than any other online medium. YouTube alone has over two billion views every day - with 100 million of those on cell phones. Videos have two huge advantages over text on web pages, in terms of visibility online: 1) if tagged correctly, videos get indexed FASTER than anything else online (which is helped by the fact that Google owns YouTube, the leading video distribution channel), and 2) you can create high quality videos very inexpensively. Moreover, recent studies are showing that video thumbnails that show up on a search engine results page get over 20 times as many clicks as regular text links do.

Videos can also help tremendously with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as well as converting visitors to clients. Short, focused videos are more likely to be viewed and acted upon due to their high visual and emotional engagement. Plus, we do research to identify the most frequent topics and keywords potential clients in your areas of specialization want answers to, and by choosing these topics as a focus of our videos and articles, you have an even greater chance of being found on a local search.

Articles with your keywords and contact information on them also help tremendously with SEO and creating more inbound links to your website.

With this service, we create four videos and four articles for you, and then distribute them on over thirty video and article sites, with top keyword tags and your practice contact information embedded in the videos. This is a superb way to expand your marketing messages to a wider audience, and increase the number of inbound links to your website, further enhancing your SEO.

With this service, we can take the content of four articles, and then show you how to make your own videos from the article content, or we can create a Powerpoint presentation for you that we turn into a video, using your voice as a narrator, if you're not comfortable being on camera yourself.

All of our Internet Marketing Made Easy services are coordinated using the highly-acclaimed Basecamp Project Management system, which allows you to have full access to the progress on your project, with direct access to the staff working on your project at all times.

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Development of Four Videos and Four Articles,
with Online Distribution

$1495, Full Payment

Development of Four Videos and Four Articles,
with Online Distribution

$525, First of Three Payments

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