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Need a website? Many psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers and counselors are finding that having a website is a crucial part of private practice success. We can develop an entire website for you, based on proven principles of website design and search engine optimization. We have been designing websites for therapistes since 2005, under the direction of Joe Bavonese, PhD, whose own therapy website currently generates over 90 Internet-based referrals a month. We work collaboratively with you on the design, structure and content of the site to create your site. Our website creation process includes:

  • guidance in choosing the type of pages to include on your site;
  • help in designing the structure of your writing on your web pages to maximize follow-up inquiries for appointments, based on the latest principles marketing and advertising; and
  • specific recommendations to help you position your site to create a successful online presence that can generate consistent referrals for your practice, using adjunct services such as Pay Per Click services and Search Engine Optimization.

We partner with a leading website development firm, using WordPress as the platform for your site.  There are many advantages of using the popular WordPress content management system. We partner with the web development company Art Binaire, which we have used to create our own therapy sites. They will help you choose a theme that reflects your unique practice brand. WordPress is very easy to use once the site has been completed, and you will be able to edit your own pages without any additional costs. 

Here are some examples of some Uncommon Practices' websites that Art Binaire has completed:  (Joe's therapy website)  (Mel's therapy website)

To have Art Binaire craft a site for you, just call them at 734 657 4794

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For more information on any of our web site services, please send an email to:

or call us at (800) 940-0185.

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Please note that the fees for Web site development below do NOT include fees for registering a domain name (which is generally around $10/year) or web hosting (which ranges from $5 - $13/month depending on the number of pages you want).

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